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Bonzai The Japanese Chin Dog: \

Bonzai The Japanese Chin Dog: \

Bonzai getting ready for dinner. The Japanese Chin doing \

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Dogs 101 - Japanese Chin

For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | Contrary to its name, the Japanese Chin is actually from China.

Dogs 101 - JAPANESE CHIN - Top Dog Facts About the JAPANESE CHIN

Dogs 101 - JAPANESE CHIN Top Dog Facts About the JAPANESE CHIN Check out More at BrooklynsCorner.com The Japanese Chin is a toy breed of dog that ...

Breed All About It - Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin originally came from China. Japanese royalty bred the Chin with toy spaniels to create their version of the breed. The breed was rejuvenated...

Lazy Japanese Chin Spin

Piano is spinning for New Year treats. Happy 2014 everyone!

Demanding Japanese chin

2 yr old Jerry.

George, The singing Japanese Chin

George, the Japanese chin sings along to Sweet Escape.

Japanese Chin | Best of Breed | Crufts 2014

Japanese Chin - Best of Breed - at day three of Crufts 2014 Give this video the thumbs up if you enjoyed and don't forget to subscribe! Follow Crufts on Twitter ...

Japanese Chin - Dog Breed

The Japanese Chin was developed in Japan in the Middle Ages, after crossing the Chin breed with small spaniel dogs, like the King Charles Spaniel or the ...

Crazy Japanese Chin going bonkers

Mimi driving Sammi bonkers. Towards the end of the video you can hear Sammi snap at her and set her crazy ways straight.

Japanese Chin Talk


Japanese Chin Puppy playing!

Peanut - Born April 2nd, 2009. She is just learning to be playful.

Dora the Japanese Chin 2017

Dora is a cute female Japanese Chin. In this film she is spending her 9th summer with us. Dora is accustomed to snow but she enjoys more nice summer days in ...

Japanese chin barking

barking at the window cleaner.

Colorado Japanese Chin Rescue

If you're interested in adopting a Japanese Chin visit www.CJCRescue.com.

Japanese Chin - Top 10 Interesting Facts

The Japanese Chin dog breed hails from Asia, where he has been prized as a companion for more than a thousand years. There are TOP 10 interesting facts ...

15 Unknown Things You Should Know About Japanese Chin


Japanese Chin puppy eats cupcake.

4lb Japanese Chin enjoys her birthday cupcake!

Genki Japanese Chin Puppies

The newest pictures of 8 GenkiChin puppies shot Saturday, 7 Mar 2010. Two litters of 4, 3 weeks apart.

Real Cartoon Dog - japanese chin

Awww Cutie dog from Japan :D.

Japanese Chin and African Ring Neck Parrot Play

Lollipop, the Japanese Chin, and Banana, her parrot friend, learn acceptable boundaries for playtime.

Ren - A Japanese Chin doing Clicker training

Clicking all kinds of different tricks and behaviors with Ren.

This Is Why You Should Make Japanese Chin As A Pet|

This Is Why You Should Make Japanese Chin As A Pet| While most believe that the source breed for the Japanese Chin originated in China, the route by which ...

Study of a Japanese Chin Puppy Taking a Walk

japanese chin puppy.

Japanese Chin asking for affection

Japanese Chin asking for affection.

Japanese Chin Puppy

Japanese Chin puppy at 4 months old.

Japanese Chin Plays with Chihuahua

Japanese Chin (Moose) Plays with Chihuahua Moose is now adopted!

JAPANESE CHIN vs CAT (Haili & Flopster)

Haili and Flopster going a few rounds for the championship belt... Full Guard position at 1:40 ...

Meet the Japanese Chin

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald introduces us to the Japanese Chin.

One month old Japanese Chin puppies

One month old Japanese Chin puppies. They are nursing, getting cleaned and playing at the end. They lived in this box for about two weeks because the mom ...

Rare Puppies of Cavalier king and Japanese Chin 2018 New

Note : This video is exclusive property of UW - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed of small dogs. It is a small spaniel with a silky mantle of medium ...

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